Coir is the perfect material for many horticultural applications due to the extremely large surface area ratio of its fibers, delivering incredible absorbency.

Coir enables fruit, vegetables and flowers – in fact any type of plants to grow to their full potential. More economic than other growing media and fully biodegradable, it’s the perfect choice for all horticultural applications.

Galuku’s Cocopeat and CocoEarth brands set the standards for premium, cost-effective and eco-friendly growing media. The products are used in the horticultural, gardening and nursery sectors around the world including:

• Potting mix suppliers  • Seedling nurseries  • Hydroponic growers  • Golf Course designers/contractors  • Distributors of horticultural & gardening products  • Horticultural retailers

Premium horticultural coir


Responding to the popularity of the newly-discovered, yet ancient Wollemi Pine, Galuku developed CocoEarth, a premium growing medium to provide an optimum growing medium for the rare tree.


CocoEarth is also an excellent premium choice for all horticultural and gardening applications, as in the

lifestyle gardening system.




Galuku Latex Weed Mats are helping growers worldwide to reduce the cost of hand weeding and keep their plants in excellent condition. Made from organic coconut fibers and natural latex, these OMRI-listed mats are suitable for most vine, shrub and tree crops. As well as reducing or eliminating the need for hand weeding, they help prevent wind-borne weeds from growing. They also even out the soil temperature for surface roots – keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Galuku Latex Weed Mats reduce evaporation and extending the time between watering, minimizing fertilizer loss and preventing the build up of surface salts. Lean more visit:


Galuku erosion control blankets are made out of 100% natural coir fiber and supported by a PP net and PP thread. They are an environmentally sustainable product used for erosion control applications, landscaping and weed control.




The delicate balance between moisture and drainage is an ongoing challenge to the hydroponic industry around the world as air is required by the roots of all plants for optimum health.

To answer these challenges Galuku has developed a coir substrate that provides the perfect combination of porosity and water retention. Coir’s unique tube-like structure enables plants that are suspended in a hydroponic solution to remain moist while allowing air to easily circulate to the roots.

Galuku Hydroponics is used by hydroponic vegetable, flower and other plant producers who are seeking a durable, cost effective substrate material that is friendly to the environment.

Our hydroponic substrates, provides a growing medium that have no environmental disposal problems.




Industry can be demanding on the environment. Processes that underpin the global economy demand solutions that are quick, cost-effective and safe for humans and the environment.

In response Galuku has developed a range of coir-based products that assist industry with absorbents/filters for spills and site remediation.

By harnessing the unique structural qualities of coir (the outer husk of the coconut), the products contain and clean toxic spills as well as provide bio-filtration for water treatment and sewage pump stations.

SpillFix is a less expensive, more effective alternative to clay-based absorbents that are made with harmful silica or diatomaceous earth. SpillFix also uses substantially less material to perform the same task as the clay-based products.

SpillFix is fast to use, safe and has no environmental disposal problems as non-hazardous SpillFix waste can be put directly into landfill after use.





The increasing number of pet lovers around the world means the need for safe yet economic pet products has never been greater.

Many pet owners are also actively seeking more eco-friendly ways to care for their pets. To answer this need Galuku developed a range of cost-effective, green alternative products for litter trays, bedding and nesting for a range of pet types.

Our customers love the products particularly as they can also show their love for the environment while caring for their pets. And their pets love the completely natural-feeling qualities of the products.

Cats Comfort is coir-based kitty litter with superior odor elimination qualities. Cats Comfort kitty litter contains no chemicals, pesticides, silica dust, fragrances or other additives that could be unhealthy for cats or to the environment.

Critters Comfort uses coir that is milled to the perfect size to create a nesting and pet bedding substrate that forms a superior natural home for reptiles, birds and small animals of all shapes and sizes.

Pooch Comfort long-lasting Coirgenic Dog Beds are flea and mite resistant.





In 2019 Galuku plans to market premium Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Water consumer products, and a range of value added Body Care products formulated with Virgin Coconut Oil and essential Oils derived from Ayurvedic plants.

Please contact us for further information.

Galuku is an Aboriginal word for coconut; reflecting our proud Australian heritage.

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